Pilotage 1 (C120)

Dedicated 3D Printer For Designer


Pilotage 1 (C120) is a high standard LCD 3D printer, we use HIWIN industrymodule, DuPont FEP film, SHARP LCD screen, ES LED lamp. It'sperfect for applications that demand the best in detail,precision, and accuracy. All software optimization methods are based on years of experience in developing DLP 3D printer.Screen brightness is optimized by software, so that every LCD screen brightness can achieve high uniformity and ensure consistency of printing area. If you know 3D Plus, you will trust our quality and choose our LCD 3D printer. Fully independent development capabilities more powerful support and slicing software. Model repair, automatic typesetting, automatic judgement of supporting position and adding support, various support types, tree support are more suitable for jewelry, easier to use and more powerful.

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HIWIN industry module


LED light