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Plus4S (L140S)

Industrial Grade Large Format 
DLP 3D Printer

Plus 4S is an upgraded version of Plus 4, is an industrial grade comprehensive DLP-3D printer with large moulding space, high precision and good surface quality. As the 3D Plus leading model, after many technical upgrades, it has been widely used in the industry and has become an indispensable productivity tools. The super high stability and continuous working ability have been recognized by customers.

Plus 4S uses a professional-grade-high-resolution projection optical engine with a resolution of 1080p (1920x1080). The high uniformity of light ensures the stable moulding of each position in every moulding layer. With high stability LED UV light source (its service life can reach 10,000 hours), it ensures the reliable moulding during the printing process. The printing size is 144(X)x81(Y)x200(Z)mm, and multiple or large-size models can be printed, and 60 molds can be printed every 3 hours. The X/Y moulding accuracy is 75μm, the Z-axis layer thickness is 0.025-0.05mm, and the printing speed is 10-20 mm height per hour.

Digital mask technology is used to ensure the light uniformity of each optical engine. The edge gradient optimization algorithm is adopted to eliminate pixel stripes in the XY direction and step stripes in the Z direction. Use FEP release film and special release technology to make the release more light and smooth. Energy correction makes the usage of the machine more stable and reliable.

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