PLUS 6 (L60)

Desktop DLP 3D Printer

Desktop integrated machine, very stable. It can ensure the printing quality.


PLUS 6 is one specialized desktop DLP-3D printer, which has high precision and great surface quality. The equipment has low cost and simple operation, which can assist small casting device, and in other words. It can be used to make jewelries in small batch.

PLUS 6 has adopted specialized high-definition projection optical engine, and the definition is WXGA (1280 x 800). It has high uniformity of illumination, which can ensure stable molding at each location of molding plane. Highly stable LED UV light source is used, and the service life can reach 20000 hours, which can ensure reliable molding during the printing process.

The molding size is 115(X) x 72(Y) x 100(Z)mm, and 30 models can be printed every 3 hours. The X/Y molding precision is 100μm, the thickness of Z axis layer is 0.025-0.05mm, and a height of 9-12mm can be printed every hour.

plus6 data info-01.jpg