Falcon 3DX Scanner

Falcon3DX Scanner - Converting organic shaped object into 3D

The most intuitive, high-performance desktop type 3D scanner specially designed for jewelries applications. Perfect for scanning small fine detailed objects, including rings and other jewelries.

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  • Suitable for jewelry and audiology applications

  • The most affordable price in its class

  • High precision, high accuracy date

  • Desktop size

  • Perfect for 3D printing

For the savvy jewelry designers who want to push their limits one step further. From design modification to digital archiving, Falcon 3DX is perfect for your jewelry design process.

Falcon 3DX 2MP Standard Resolution 

Falcon 3DX 5MP High Resolution 

Falcon 3DX 5MP Ultra Resolution 

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Suitable for scanning small detailed objects


Converting organic shaped object into 3D


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​Find out various jewelry usage with the most creative Falcon3DX 3D scanner for design modification, custom-fit pieces, masterpiece digitization, converting organic shaped object into 3D.

  • Jewelry: Design replication, modification, custom-fit pieces, masterpieces digitization, converting organic shaped object into 3D

  • Audiology: Digitization of auditory passage impressions for making hearing aids

  • Reverse Engineering: Quickly digitize a part or object and create a surfaced CAD models

  • which can be modified

  • Quality Inspection: Compare scanned 3D data (STL) vs design (CAD) data for deviation analysis

  • 3D Printing: Print 3D object using scanned data

Application 1

Converting organic shaped object into 3D file

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Application 2

How to edit the object in RhinoGold?