Industrial Grade Large Format DLP 3D Printer

4K is an industrial-grade large-format DLP-3D printer with large moulding space, high precision, fast printing speed, and good surface quality. As a 3D Plus’flagship model, it has a very high production efficiency as it adopts  both large moulding space and high printing speed. High stability and continuous working ability are recognized by professional customers.

4K machine uses a professional-grade Ultra-high resolution projection optical engine with a resolution of 4k(3840×2160).

The high uniformity of light ensures the stable moulding of each position in every moulding layer. With high stability LED UV light source (its service life can be more than 20,000 hours), it ensures the reliable moulding during the printing process, and multiple or large-size models can be printed, and 100 molds can be printed every 2 hours,or it can print 120 bracelets at one time. 

4K printer.png
4K printer.png

Newly-added Functions

1.Temperature and humidity control, free from environmental problems, printing   
    more stable and reliable. 
2. Resin tank swing separation, buffer stripping process, improve printing stability. 
3.Remote monitoring, printing process at a glance, timely control, reduce the time   
    loss caused by printing failure. 
4.Buzzing reminder give the printing result in time after printing.

Printing Technology

Digital mask technology is used to ensure the light uniformity of each optical engine. The edge gradient optimization algorithm is adopted to eliminate pixel stripes in the XY direction and step stripes in the Z direction. Use FEP release film and special release technology to make the release more light and smooth. Energy correction makes the usage of the machine more stable and reliable.


1. Industrial Grade integrated machine, very stable, it can ensure the printing quality

2. It supports STL/SLC multi-format, which does not require connecting with computer, and it can print offline

3. Color LCD touch-sensitive screen module, it supports one-key switch between Chinese, English and Thai

4. Super resin VAT, long service life, big resin VAT has more stable molding

5. Multiple materials can satisfy different application requirements, which can perfectly match the equipment.