Magnetic Polishing Machine

Jewelry Polishing

Magnetic polishing machine is the use of its unique magnetic field distribution, resulting in strong and stable magnetic effect, To compared with the kind of polishing machine with the general unidirectional magnetic field, magnetic needle and workpiece friction rate increased several times. When the disk is in the rotation speed of the state, generating a number of vortex-shaped magnetic lines of force. Which can make the magnetic polished needle container in the revolution, meanwhile running independently high-speed rotation. Then magnetic needle and the workpiece is all multi-angle full grinding, in order to see the effects of getting rid of rust quickly, removing dead angle, and removing the fur burr, removing the oxide film and sintering traces. Especially as for  the complex shape, porous cracks, internal and external threads and other parts, It's more obvious to show its magical effect, and does not hurt the workpiece surface, does not affect the workpiece accuracy. Resulting the workpiece instantly become smooth and clean, a new look. It is suitable for grinding and polishing nonmetallic parts such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, iron, stainless steel and rigid plastics.


Used for Magnetic Tumblers. No more bombing or stripping! Quiet and smooth operation, Heavy duty construction, Meant for years of use. Finishes your work in approximately 20 minutes. The RJS Magnetic finisher is made to make quick work of your finishing needs with little effort.


Tumbling Media

This is used in dry tumbling operations to carry out the final-finish of the jewerly. This media comes in three different finess and is pre-treated for pre-polishing applications.



Jewelers use Green Plastic Cone-Pyramid Media. Filled with abrasive silica, these 1/4" pyramids provide fine surface finishes to intricate shapes. Burnishes in preparation for pre-plating or polishing.



Granulated walnut shell is a natural carrier for dry tumbling or barrel finishing operations. When charged with polishing oxides, either rouge or chrome, a surface of high luster is achieved.



Steel shot mix for rotary or vibratory tumblers.
Tumbling and Vibrating Media. Successful finishing of jewelry using rotary tumblers or vibratory machines, for deburring or burnishing, depends on two equally important factors: the equipment and the media.